Interconnect California Webinar Series

Part Three:

Preventing Blackouts and Exceeding Renewable Power Goals

Duration: 1 hour 

As a renewable energy leader, California has set the tone with ambitious decarbonization goals. However, the whole world is also watching when the Golden State’s grid goes dark during extreme weather conditions. In this webinar recording, presenters discussed the pressure on California’s grid and how the state can avoid system unreliability during extended heat waves and droughts.

Watch the webinar recording to learn about the latest PLEXOS power system modeling results, incorporating recent extreme weather data into the “Path to 100% Renewables for California” whitepaper. Experts discussed what caused the blackouts, solutions and policy recommendations to rapidly, cost effectively and reliably decarbonize California’s electricity sector.


Presented by:



Gary Ackerman
Foothill Services, Inc



Scott Miller
Executive Director,
Western Power Trading Forum



Jussi Heikkinen
Director, Growth & Development,
Americas Wärtsilä



Gary Dorris
Ph.D, CEO & Co-Founder
Ascend Analytics